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philosophy of science britannica com - philosophy of science the study from a philosophical perspective of the elements of scientific inquiry this article discusses metaphysical epistemological and ethical issues related to the practice and goals of modern science for treatment of philosophical issues raised by the problems and concepts of specific sciences see biology philosophy of and physics philosophy of, psychosemantics the problem of meaning in the philosophy - psychosemantics the problem of meaning in the philosophy of mind explorations in cognitive science jerry a fodor on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers psychosemantics explores the relation between commonsense psychological theories and problems that are central to semantics and the philosophy of language building on and extending fodor s earlier work it puts folk, ontology revisited metaphysics in social and political - political theorists have often tried to bracket metaphysical questions about what kinds of things really exist so far however they have only succeeded in reinforcing a pernicious disabling humeanism that denies the reality of all sorts of causal powers human and non human individual and social, logic in computer science wikipedia - logic in computer science covers the overlap between the field of logic and that of computer science the topic can essentially be divided into three main areas theoretical foundations and analysis use of computer technology to aid logicians, guide to philosophy on the internet suber - also see the sections on bibliographies and miscellaneous philosophy sites for topics not on this list try the internet encyclopedia of philosophy the stanford encyclopedia of philosophy and or the hippias search engine academic dialogue on applied ethics specific topics scheduled for public interactive discussion on certain dates, boston university summer term - your summer begins at bu boston s rich history and culture remain evident despite tremendous growth and innovation just a short trip away from campus on foot or by public transportation you ll find world class museums music venues theaters and restaurants